fantastikonWe dared to be the FirST. The FirST in Dalmatia and the FirST in SpliT who did (a 3day) Fantasy, games and SF convention. Then we bravely took the place of the FirST 3day con in the yearly calendar challenging the mighty dragons of Albus (and were cheeky enough to use dragons on our signs). Forging the runes of F&ST, ASI, NNI, DDI, MDDI, FantaSTikon and SuperHIK we have proudly shown why they call our town crazy and us even more so. Yes, positive attitude crazy. Behold! From The Scorching Fires of the First to the Teeth of Winter cowering before the Fourth our mighty deeds quenched the thirst of over 4000 people. We also gave them reason to follow us and go on with their own efforts. We were recognized and our excellsior celebrations were rejoiced by the emmisaries of Sweden, Ireland and Japan. Sferakon, Rikon... hearing our words they gave a hand. Istrakon? First you sent spies (they enjoyed). Listening to their words you sent yours, written in Testimonies. This year you sent the Silence. Now. Now it is time to show ourselves here at the very front of the dragon's lair. Listen! The echos of the fifth FantaSTikon are to be heard!